Standards are rising everywhere in the world. Supreme Quality in Production is required in the Pharmaceutical market by Physicians, National and International Customers.

To ensure the product Quality Standards across the board, Baariq PHARMACEUTICALS has an inflexible Quality Policy .
It encompasses Product Quality, Operational Quality, Environmental Quality and Quality of life.

Company Quality Policy

We ensure to produce Quality Products, which meet all the standards of Safety & Efficacy at competitive prices. We continuously strive to improve our system.

Quality Control

Baariq PHARMACEUTICALS Quality Control Laboratory is a state of the Art. It is working under the highly Qualified Staff having related experience.

Quality Control Department is equipped with very modern automated and sophisticated Equipments, which continuously monitors the flow of materials by testing at each step of the manufacturing process. It establishes and enforces rigid standards for incoming materials, test and monitor goods in process as well as in operations, and is responsible for the release of finished products according to inflexible Quality Standards

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department operates independently like all other departments and, is, separately staffed. Highest priority is given to Quality throughout Baariq PHARMACEUTICALS working organization. Production processes, Quality Controls, Efficiency of equipments and facilities, ambient conditions are validated according to scheduled programs.


Self-inspections are periodically carried out to ensure that cGMP practices are strictly followed.