It is possible to sum up what the BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS believes in and strives for in a single phrase:


Value through Innovation


It recognizes that in a competitive and fast changing world, the values of products, services and companies are constantly changing. In order for things to have real value to the customer, they have to be superior to any other offering - and therefore better than they were before. Real customer value can only be created by the BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS constantly finding ways of doing new things well, or doing the same things better.


Thus the only way for the company to create Value is through Innovation.



BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS will provide high quality products and solutions that meet the health need of animals and create value for their owners, respecting the highest standards of safety in the food chain and environment.


BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS will distinguish itself through its customer and market approach and innovative products screened and tested within BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS and developed alone or with third parties.


Leveraging as much as possible on the existing expertise within BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS will be a prerequisite.