Type:Oral Solution


Each 1000ml Solution Contains.
Vitamin E as Alphatocoferol Acetate (B.P)----------------150,000 gm
Selenium as Sodium Selenite (B.P)----------------2,300 mg
Zinc as Zinc Sulphate----------------8,000 mg


SEL-EZ is most effective immunestim- ulant. It prevents Vitamin E deficiency. It is also indicated in muscular dystro- phy, low fertility and low hatchability, hepatitis arthritis, hear damage(mul— bery hear disease) and during different kinds of stress especially during vaccination. Preserve stability of cell membrance. Enhance body resitance against diseases and prevent cell disruption caused by free radicals. SEL—EZ to reduce incidence of ascites and sudden death syndrome in boilers 8L maintain optimum fertility and hatchability in breeder flock. SEL-EZ to maintain optimum productivity in layers 8L to reduce mortality due to stress and to other factors.

Dosage and Administration:

Poultry: lml per 10 liter of drinking water for 5 days.

Cattle & Goat: 25ml animal per day for 3—5 days.


1- Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
2- Keep away from the reach of Children.
3- Protect from direct sunlight.
4- Shake well before use.

Withdrawal Time:
Meat: --- Eggs: ---

Pack Size: 500ml, 1000ml,

Pakistan Registration No: 073949