BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS is in the business of improving the quality of Live stock drugs. Our responsibility is to manufacture and market high quality and affordable products.

BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS has robust new product development. A highly qualified and trained team of scientists, pharmacists, chemists and engineers in our Research & Development and operational departments are working not only to develop new products but also to have a continuous improvement in quality at a dedicated high-tech R&D site. The products developed by this team conform over their shelf life to internationally accepted standards of QUALITY, EFFICACY AND SAFETY.  

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Live Stock

We have a comprehensive range of Live Stock remedies for all of your livestock. We keep your farm animals alive and productive, increase and sustain your livestock and farm productivity and find profitable markets for the animal products.
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BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS produces appropriate medicine solutions for all types of poultry supply chains, based on problems being faced by consumers, farmers, farming networks, traders and vendors. Our research & development center is dedicated to produce environmental friendly medicines for farm chicks. We believe, poultry sector transition will surely continue in the world so we'll continue to develop new innovative solutions to coop with the diseases in poultry industry.
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